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Well, after a year with all the life changes, the CCIE R&S lab had to be put on hold, and at my current job we have a UC roll out. The 500+ phones roll out is done by a company with very questionable expertise in this area or commitment to this project. So after looking at all of this I decided to do some voice track studying. Currently studying for CCNA Voice, while building out a lab.



Life Happened…

 Yep Life happens….. After Sandy and with a new baby on the way, I`m kind of slowed down on the studying for CCIE, on the other hand we are installing a new Cisco UCS solution, thats right we are getting Cisco IP phones. Great way to learn this stuff is to jump right in !

Well the Prep Has Began



Since I got a new job I now get approximately 2.5 hours commute each day, so I`m able to read and prep for the CCIE written exam. I also bought equipment for the CCIE LAB. I will be going in to details shortly as I start building it out. But so far I decided to do Dynamips with real switches.


The Server will be a i7-2600k 16GB RAM workhorse, the reason for such a beast is that I will repurpose it after to replace my current ESXi setup with a Q6600 CPU and 8GB RAM. I will be using 3 x 3550 switches and 1 x 3560 switch.

I will be posting pics and steps as I go along, so far everything I gathered came from CCIE4YOU.INFO and


Some minor life updates

Well its been over 6 months since last post and lots of things happened, except for me to start studying for CCIE R&S. But I did get few new certs. Mainly I had to re-certify for Juniper and since my old certs are no longer valid, I was able to do JNCIS-ENT. I also took 3 training classes and passed 2 Carrier Certs: “Cisco Advanced Data Center Networking Infrastructure Support Specialist” and “Cisco Data Center Networking Infrastructure Design Specialist” This certs are for nexus platforms and new UCS stuff. I also was able to get F5 and Fortinet certs. So it has been a busy 6 months, but with a new job now, I would really like to start studying for written CCIE R&S and take it by the end of this year.

New Year, time to Study

It was a hell of a year and lots of things happened and didnt happen. Its time to start studying for CCIE R&S Written.

Passed SNAA with 1000/1000

Forgot to post here, but I did pass the test few weeks back ! Now working on the IPS, got IPSv5 working in VMWare with 2 interfaces 1 in the private network and 1 in the Nexus 1000v Monitor port, this way I can see the machine in private network and pass it inline for blocking test and such and also act as a promiscuous mode IPS on another side to produce alerts etc… Also got IPSv6 running on QEMU on a VMWare FreeBSD8 with Tap and Bridge interfaces with Span configured. Could not get the 2 interfaces working with QEMU setup…

Passed SNAF (642-524) test

So I`m 2 tests away from CCSP, SNAA(642-515) is the next test, should be taking it in few weeks. Looks almost the same as SNAF just a bit more advance. Already thinking about CCIE Lab Set up.

So this is it

Seems that I settled on a theme and layout, might tweak it a bit later, but welcome, welcome all!

New Blog New Post!

Hey There,

This is my new blog, I`ll be using this one to post all the job and network related things….

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