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Passed SNAA with 1000/1000

Forgot to post here, but I did pass the test few weeks back ! Now working on the IPS, got IPSv5 working in VMWare with 2 interfaces 1 in the private network and 1 in the Nexus 1000v Monitor port, this way I can see the machine in private network and pass it inline for blocking test and such and also act as a promiscuous mode IPS on another side to produce alerts etc… Also got IPSv6 running on QEMU on a VMWare FreeBSD8 with Tap and Bridge interfaces with Span configured. Could not get the 2 interfaces working with QEMU setup…

Passed SNAF (642-524) test

So I`m 2 tests away from CCSP, SNAA(642-515) is the next test, should be taking it in few weeks. Looks almost the same as SNAF just a bit more advance. Already thinking about CCIE Lab Set up.

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